combat communal ideas and actions
condemn communal violence

promote communal harmony and secular values


This half-page ad was sent to the Indian Express Group and appeared in 25 cities in Indian Express, Sunday Express and New Indian Express on May 5th; Financial Express (incl Gujarati) on May 6th; Loksatta (Marathi), Jansatta (Hindi), Dinamani (Tamil), Kannada Prabha, Andhra Prabha, and Samkaleen (Gujarati) on May 12th. Indian Express estimates a circulation of 14 lakhs, and a readership of 90 lakhs, for these publications. The ad was signed by an incredibly diverse group of Indians, 136 individuals including 59 women, and 22 organizations, from India, U.S., and eight other countries.
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For The Sake of Our Future Generations
Let Us Unite For Communal Harmony

This is a Defining Moment for Our Nation
The Choice Before Us has Never Been Clearer

We can remain on the sidelines, and allow communal forces to plunge us deeper into our worst nightmare, shattering our economic dreams, and risking our nation's security
We can speak up forcefully against the continuing violence and lawlessness, and work together to usher India into the Twenty-First Century, with economic growth, social justice, and opportunity for all

"Above all, we shall have to stop being a silent constituency and gather courage…to speak up for upholding the secular values in our constitution."
Cyrus Guzder, CMD, AFL Ltd., CII Gujarat Annual Day, 30 March 2002

"The writing is on the wall. Either we stand up to defend the rights of all citizens; or we will all go down eventually."
Siddarth Varadarajan, Columnist, Times of India, 18 April 2002

"Business today…can be the most potent agent of social change provided we choose to define the business of business as human well-being."
Anu Aga, Chairperson, Thermax, Financial Express, 28 April 2002

As concerned Indians from India and Overseas we express our solidarity with many courageous voices of reason being heard from all across the nation and urge our leaders to take immediate and meaningful steps to:

  • Stop Any Further Bloodshed in the Name of Religion
  • Rehabilitate the Victims of Violence Without Any Further Delay
  • Apprehend and Punish All Those Guilty of Crimes
  • Renounce the Politics of Hate and Intolerance
  • Support Peoples Initiatives for Communal Harmony

Sponsored by:

CAC - Coalition Against Communalism

ICA - Indians For Collective Action

John Abraham & Tajel Shah, San Francisco, California
Dr. Girish Agrawal, San Jose, California
Assoc. for India's Development, Duke Univ, North Carolina
Assoc. for India's Development, SF Bay Area, California

Dr. Avni Amin, Ctr for Health & Gender, Takoma Park, Maryland
ANKUR - New Delhi
Sarojini Babu, Union City, California
Dr. R. Balasubramaniam, H.D. Kote, Karnataka
Dr. Ashok Deo Bardhan, UC Berkeley, California
Raj Hasmukh Barot, Berkeley, California
Prof. Pranab Bardhan, UC Berkeley, California
Dr. Varsha Rajan Berry, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Nitin Bhatt, Vadodara, Gujarat
Aditya Bhattacharjea, Assoc Prof, Duke Univ, Durham, North Carolina
Mubeen Bolar, Santa Clara, California
Manureet Brar, Hayward, California
Padma Chari, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Samit Chatterjee, Cornell Univ Med College, New York, New York
Rupali Chakravarti, Chatham, New Jersey
Meenakshi Chakraverti, Arlington, Massachusetts
Child Family Health International, San Francisco
Preeti Chopra, Berkeley, California
Ravi Chopra, Dehra Dun, Uttaranchal
Geetha Citygirl, New York, New York
Prof. Vasudha Dalmia, UC Berkeley, California
Dr. N. Devadasan, New Delhi
Vinati Dev, Brookline, Massachusetts
Prof. Errol D'Souza, IIM, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Rebecca Eapen, New Delhi
EKTA - A South Asian Progressive Network, Berkeley, California
Jayanth Eranki, San Francisco, California
Haripriya Eswaran, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
EXNORA - Chennai, Tamil Nadu
FOSA - Friends of South Asia, Stanford, California

Dr. Shalini Gera, San Jose, California
Somnath Ghosh, San Francisco, California
Aurnab Ghose, Boston, Massachusetts
Manzoor Ghori, Palo Alto, California
V. Girish, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Vandana Gopikumar & Vaishnavi Jayakumar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Meena Gupta, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa
Uma & Jagdish Hiremath, New Delhi
IREF - India Relief and Education Fund, Fremont, California
IMRC - Indian Muslim Relief Committee, Palo Alto, California
Initiative for Peace and Disarmament, Pune, Maharashtra
International Service Society, East Lansing, Michigan

Santosh Jain, Berkeley, California
Anshu Jain, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Anu & Ashim Jain, San Jose, California
Prof. Shishir K. Jha, IIT, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Purvee Christie Johal, Mountain View, California
Vinod John, Schenectady, New York
Prof. Thomas Kailath, Stanford Univ, Palo Alto, California
Harsh Kapoor, Montpellier, FRANCE
Dr. Maharaj K. Kaul, Fremont, California
Beulah Kaushik, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Obaid & Farhath Khan, Berkeley, California
Anupama Krishnaswami, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Senthil Kumar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Shailaja Kumar, Redwood City, California
Sarosh Kumana, San Francisco, California
Ravindra Kumar, Lawrenceville, Georgia
Lok Satta, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
V. K. & Aloka Madhavan, New Delhi
Prof. Jitendra Malik, UC Berkeley, California
Ramesh Manian, Saratoga, California
Amarish Mehta, New York, New York
Dr. Nandakumar & Dr. Shylaja Menon, Gudalur, Tamil Nadu
Chris Meneze & Bernadette Falleiro, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
Raza Mir, Asst Prof, Monmouth Univ, West Long Beach, New Jersey
Sunita Nadamuni, Sunnyvale, California
Shalini Nataraj, Somerville, Massachusetts
Parvathi Nayar, SINGAPORE
Lavanya Noor, Cupertino, California
Jayendra & Sudha Panchapakesan, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Parivartan, Delhi
Parisar, Pune, Maharashtra
Minar Pimple, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Dr. Ambrose Pinto, Principal, St. Jo's Eve College, Bangalore, Karnataka
Shrikumar, Mayurika & Devesh Poddar, East Lansing, Michigan
Justin Podur, Znet, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Satya Prabhakar, Austin, Texas
ProPoor InfoTech Center, Calcutta, West Bengal
Dr. S.K. Sripada Raju, Okemos, Michigan
Prof. S. Ravi Rajan, UC Santa Cruz, California
Raju and Geetha Rajagopal, Berkeley, California
Akhila Raman, Berkeley, California
Admiral L. Ramdas, Former Chief of Naval Staff, Alibag, Maharashtra
Lalita Ramdas, Citizen & Educator, Alibag, Maharashtra
Lakshmi & M.S. Rangaswami, Retd. Post Master General, Tamil Nadu
Ashish Ranjan, Florida Intl Univ, Miami, Florida
Prof. Raka Ray, UC Berkeley, California
Prof. Isha Ray, UC Berkeley, California
Shafi Refai, Fremont, California
Syed Manzoor Rizvi MD and Hasan Rizvi, Bloomfield, New Jersey
Prasad Saggurti, Berkeley, California
Atinkumar Saha, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Sunainika Saigal, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
SALAAM - South Asian League of Artists in America, New York
Usha Sarathy, Danville, California
Dr. Behruz Sethna, President, State Univ of W Georgia, Carrollton
Amit Shah, Charlotte, North Carolina
Sachin D. Shah, Grosse Point Woods, Michigan
Aradhana Sharma, Asst Prof, Wesleyan Univ, Middletown, Connecticut
S.M. Shahed, Los Angeles, California
Zaheda Shaikh, Los Altos, California
Dr. T. Kamal Sheriff, Fmr Dean, MGR Med Univ, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Nalini Shekar, Mountain View, California
Tassu Shervani, Fort Worth, Texas
I.K. Shukla, Los Angeles, California
Neelima Shukla-Bhatt, Somerville, Massachusetts
Shafeeq Siddiqui, Geneva, SWITZERLAND
Javed Sikander, Palo Alto, California
Avi Singh & Safeena Husain, San Francisco, California
Chukka Srinivas, Woburn, Massachusetts
M. Sriram, San Jose, California
StreetEdge Foundation, San Ramon, California
Subashree Rangaswami, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Sudhanva Rajagopal, Madrid, SPAIN
Dr. H. Sudarshan, Bangalore, Karnataka
Sujatha Rangaswami, Palo Alto, California
Qaneez Sukhrani, Pune, Maharashtra
Sunitha Rangaswami, London, UK
Dr. M.S. Swaminathan, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement, HD Kote, Karnataka
Amin Tejani, East Lansing, Michigan
Stan & Mari Marcel Thekaekara, Gudalur, Tamil Nadu
Fr. George Thekaekara, Tamil Nadu
Transparency International, New Delhi
Anant Trivedi, London, UK
United Muslims of America, South San Francisco, California
C. Unnikrishnan, Austin, Texas
Aniruddha Vaidya & Neerja Bhatt, Mountain View, California
Karthikeyan Vaithianathan, Chandler, Arizona
Vaishnava Center For Enlightenment, Okemos, Michigan
Prof. Pravin Varaiya, UC Berkeley, California
Srikanth Voorakaranam, Dallas, Texas
YUVA - Mumbai, Maharashtra
Susan Zachariah, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

…And others who wish to remain anonymous

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