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Jammu and Kashmir

Coalition Against Communalism (CAC) strongly condemns the continuing violence in Jammu & Kashmir, especially the targeting of innocent civilians for political ends, perpetrated by terrorists, aided and abetted by religious fundamentalist elements in Pakistan. These politically inspired acts of terrorism leave only victims and perpetuate a cycle of violence, which makes it even more difficult to achieve a peaceful resolution of problems.

Fundamentalist terror, and the accompanying violence, has taken the lives of thousands of innocent men, women and children in Jammu & Kashmir and has, since 1990, driven out almost all of the about 300,000 members of the minority community (mainly Kashmiri Pandits) in the Kashmir Valley.

CAC, in keeping with its tradition of opposing communal and divisive forces, unequivocally condemns these acts of communal terror and asks all secular individuals and organizations to express their outrage at these acts. It also condemns the widespread abuses of human rights in the State of Jammu and Kashmir by the State or Central government. CAC appeals to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, irrespective of religious persuasion, to oppose fundamentalist elements and intolerance, including the inability of minority communities to live among their neighbors. It appeals to the Government to ensure that justice and relief is provided to the victims of terrorism, and it works actively to ensure that the fundamental rights and lives of all its citizens are protected equally.

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